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How to play it on originalPSP 3001?

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Hey can anyone help pls im at night five and the game crashes randomly :( edit: im on psp 2000 btw

dosent work either i have psp 2001

its almost the same thing cuz its still a psp 2000 because 2001 is in the 2000s

is the game complete? does it have all the nights?

It's fine like this but I think it would be a little easier if you could put it in an iso format, to be able to run it on ps3, but anyway 10/10 great job

can you please Change the file format to iso, i have ps3 and i want to run the game in it 

Hi I will give 1 bug that I found + advice afterwards if you don't want to do them not serious at least I will have tried. 

1 - I advise you to reduce the interface of the characters because they are a little too big. 

2 - Reduce the animations the doors, when you take the cameras. 

3 - Add animation to the fan to make it look like the decor is animated because it's just a picture. 

4 - Increase the surround sound and add a sound when someone moves and the screen goes dark. 

5 - Removes the black background in the battery bar. 

6 - Add the music for the scene and if you haven't understood yours:

You succeeded in reading all this and well I'll tell you about the bug. 

When you stay dark the button for the light and you turn on the second and when you release it makes the sound of the light until you face another action. 

Here I hope that its tera more if I find bugs I will tell you.

Hi FreDEV, sorry for the inconvenience, but I'd like to ask you this:

if this port works for OpenEmu?

and if it works, how do I install the folder to make it work?

Your answer would be very helpful.

Search "How to download folder games in OpenEmu"


hello fredev I would like to play the by fnaf of psp but I can not but I do not have a psp you wanted to ask if you could create a port of fnaf 1 to 3 for Wii u since some thought that fnaf would come out to wii u if you can create fnaf for wii u thank you

you could install PPSSPP on your WII U and play FNaF on the WII U that way. I am actually not working on FNaF console ports anymore..

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is that the version of ppsspp is very outdated for the wiiu also nose as I could port a game like this to wii u I do not have the devkit thank you and regret the inccbenientes

can you please change file format to iso, i have ps3 and i want to run the game in it but the only way its iso game

Good morning I need you tu help me, I want to install the fnaf 1 game on the psp go I would like to know if you can and how I can do itor if you can do it for the psp go please thank you

i have added instructions to downloading page, try seeing if those are usefull.

Hola no se que tan difícil sea aunque imagino que mucho, pero con el tiempo puedes ver si se puede hacer para que funcione bien la psp1000? vi que decía que podía no funcionar bien,y es entendible ya que es nuevo, pero porfavor ve eso te lo agradecería y mucho. 

can it be loaded in PPSSPP?

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It doesnt works and power off my psp 3008

then it says 'File broken"


plz help i want to play fnaf

u need to have the romfs folder, if you already had the romfs folder replace it with the new one


1.3.1 - fix 1 fixed some shitty issue

Most likely the final update to FNaF 1 PSP! 


1. Animatronics now don't randomly stop in the middle of the night anymore. 

2. Bugged out audio has been fixed. 

3. Press Circle to end the phone call. 

4. Fixed a lot of crashing issues. 

5. Added easter egg (you can find out where) 

for once read the friggin instructions on the download page

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1.3.0 new save system, fixed AI system and some other small errors! Chica can now enter bathrooms as well.

heheh, love the port but my PSP (3000) froze on the 6AM screen after the 1st night then crashed after a few seconds
I rebooted my PSP and thankfully it saved the second night :D

hi! sorry for inconvience, 1.3.1 is near and will fix most issues. stay tuned!

heheh, that’s alright. still love the game btw :D

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1.2.8 - texture optimization:

added better optimization for textures and added classic kitchen camera!

Mlem mlem

1.2.8 added:

  • bugfixes
  • framebuffer glitch fixes (when this happens, try restarting your psp, if it doesnt work, check for updates, or try redownloading eboot.pbp)
  • new foxy AI
  • new foxy mechanic (you wont be able to see camera's while foxy is out)

What a good port

1.2.7 - fix 3

fixed frame buffer issues (pink screen)

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1.2.7 fixed some errors and added a background in the menu!

1.2.6 fixed crashing in some places and added better foxy AI

1.2.5 fixed most issue's and should be the most bug free (replace everything (except the save folder) if you have the game installed already).

known bug:

opening camera at 4 am causes the game to crash, will be fixed in later release (most likely 1.2.2)

should be fixed